October 15, 2008

Pikk's Tavern & Hot Shotz Update

Well, I've been to Pikk's about four times since they've opened and I'm a big fan. The first several times they didn't have their taps installed and they were running two taps out of a cooler set up. We went back with some friends and sat in the dining room (not at the bar for the first time) last Friday and they had their full tap list available (word of warning - their tap list on their website wasn't current as of mid week last week).

The chef came out and chatted with us once while we were sitting at the bar and I was very impressed. He hails from a steakhouse background but wanted to do more creative cooking. In this all from scratch kitchen he gets that opportunity. I'd say the menu is a bit random (seems like they're trying to please everyone by offering a little bit of everything), but I haven't had anything that I didn't like. The mufaletta sandwich was awesome and the pork chops were the best I've had in Indy. That, along with a killer beer selection, will make Pikk's a top destination for me. They also have great specials during the week. I don't remember all of them, but I know on Monday they have $1 canned beers (nothing exotic - PBR, Old Style and one other I can't remember - Schlitz, maybe?) and $0.50 mini-burgers (which are awesome). I'd say if you're in the area you should check it out.

On the other hand I went into Hot Shotz last night to check out the new scene. If you're looking for a beer mecca, I'm not sure this is it. The tap list was good, but the bartender was clueless about beer. I was happy to see they had quite a few people in the place (and a lot of employees working to get up to speed). I don't know that I'll be going to Hot Shotz very much - while the food was OK, they seem to have moved away from their gastropub offerings and are going with more standard bar fare. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they've lost some of the magic they had in their old space.

Anyone else been to either place? I'd love to hear your thoughts


Generik420 said...

I haven't been to either place yet. That's too bad that Hot Shotz seems to have regressed. I live on the westside of Indy in Brownsburg and their new location is just anough further away as to make it an easy decision to go elsewhere. I would still like to check it out, but it may be quite some time.

The same is somewhat true for Pikk's in that it just isn't a convenient location for me. Unfortunately all these entrepreneurs apparently believe nobody is interested in good beer on the westside. Very annoying to say the least.

Fred said...

I'd say next time you're in the area, give them both a chance - we went to Pikk's on Thursday night and they were having u call it $2.50 pints (Piraat excluded).

I'd think that Brownsburg/Avon would provide a strong base of craft beer fans - maybe you found your next calling - bar and restaurant owner!

CorrND said...

On Saturday my wife and I were on the northside for shopping and decided to use an old Hot Shotz coupon at the new location. Interestingly, I didn't actually know where Pikk's was but we drove right by it at one point.

We only went to the original Hot Shotz location once, just a week or two before the fire, and I thought it was good enough to make a periodic trip from downtown. Not anymore. They have 16 taps now (up from 8?) and while I commend them for only using one for a BMC beer, the rest of them are kind of typical, easy to find micros. The old list Hans had gathered had a couple "you have WHAT?!" kinds of beers on tap that would have made the trip worthwhile. The food was ok, but again, not good enough to drive out of our way for. Too bad.

I'll have to give Pikk's a shot the next time I'm up that way. We go to Trader Joe's in Castleton every so often and Pikk's is only a hop, skip and a jump down the street.