October 15, 2008

Moylan's Brewing Company IPA

What: Moylan's Brewing Company IPA
Style: India Pale Ale
Vessel: Tulip Glass
Price: $3.99 (22 oz. bottle)
Where: Home
When: October 15, 2008
Rating: 3
Comments: On a recent trip to Chicago to cheer on a friend running his first marathon (way to go Joe!), we stopped by Sam's on our way out of town to pick up some beers I didn't think I could find in Indy. As a fan of IPA's, I grabbed quite a few bombers of different IPA's at different price points. This one was the cheapest. For a beer at this price point, it was really good. If it were readily available in Indy, I'd add it to the rotation (although it doesn't seem like I have a regular rotation).

I was drawn to this beer because it was an IPA, and because of the awards it's won. It's won various medals in the CA state fair and several WBC medals. It's a good IPA, but not with overwhelming citrus hop flavor - it's more pine-y than citrus-y. It's crisp and smooth with a fairly strong hop finish. If you can get your hands on some, I'd give it a whirl.

Ratebeer Link: http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/moylans-ipa/1577/

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