September 28, 2008

What: Three Floyd's Brewing Co. - Gorch Fock German Style Helles Lager
Style: Munich Helles Lager
Vessel: Tulip Glass
Price: $10.00 (22 oz) - purchased at Goose the Market
Where: Home
When: September 28, 2008
Rating: 3
Comments: This was my first adventure with a Three Floyds beer that wasn't a hop bomb. It might have even been my first experience with a Munich Hellles Lager (I don't remember having any others). Overall the beer was pretty good. It's nice to see Three Floyds can craft such a subtle beer. It had a smooth mouthfeel - almost a little buttery (in a good way). It had a touch of citrus to it and it was a little grassy with a bit of malt mixed in for good measure. It wasn't what I expected out of Three Floyds, but I'd drink it again.
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