September 28, 2008

What: Three Floyd's Brewing Co. - Gorch Fock German Style Helles Lager
Style: Munich Helles Lager
Vessel: Tulip Glass
Price: $10.00 (22 oz) - purchased at Goose the Market
Where: Home
When: September 28, 2008
Rating: 3
Comments: This was my first adventure with a Three Floyds beer that wasn't a hop bomb. It might have even been my first experience with a Munich Hellles Lager (I don't remember having any others). Overall the beer was pretty good. It's nice to see Three Floyds can craft such a subtle beer. It had a smooth mouthfeel - almost a little buttery (in a good way). It had a touch of citrus to it and it was a little grassy with a bit of malt mixed in for good measure. It wasn't what I expected out of Three Floyds, but I'd drink it again.
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September 16, 2008

Quick Beer Notes - Recent Tastings

Well, I haven't been as diligent on posting as I hoped to be after Labor Day, but once we get our whole housing situation figured out I hope to be better. Anyway, onto the beer "reviews":

Miller Lite Brewer's Collection Blond Ale - 5 rating.

I was lucky enough to have some of this sent to me from the kind folks at Miller's PR firm (interestingly enough the guy who sent them married a girl who went to the same HS in Indy that I went to). I wanted to like it, I really did. Unfortunately, I didn't really care for it. It tasted a bit flat and it left a slimy mouth feel. It wouldn't have been too bad except for the whole slimy mouth thing.

Bell's Third Coast Old Ale - 3 rating.

I had this one left from our trip to the Bell's Brewery this summer. Just like most of the beers I ended up bringing home from the brewery it was very solid. Nothing too amazing, but just a rock solid beer.

Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer - 4 rating.

I saw this at Trader Joe's (available as a single bottle), and decided to give it a whirl. It was OK, but not remarkable. I thought it was a little watery and lagery. I normally don't mind wheat beers, but for some reason this one didn't really do it for me.

Brewbits Red - 6 rating.

This is an OLD homebrew I had in the fridge (I'm still working through my old homebrews). I haven't had one of my homebrews in a long time. Now I remember why I quit brewing - not very good beer. It had no head or carbonation to it, it was VERY dark, and very watery. It was a little better than I remember it being, but with all the great stuff out there why drink bad beer?

Clipper City Brewery Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night Saison Ale - 2 rating.

This came courtsey of the Beer of the Month club. I've been holding off drinking any of the BOM club beers until I could do a "proper" review. I couldn't hold off any longer. This is a good beer. A really good beer.

I didn't really look too much at the label until after I poured the beer. I was expecting a red (yeah, I should have read the label), but it's a Saison. Have I mentioned that I liked this beer? It's extremley smooth. It tastes a bit more like a traditional Belgian beer with flavors like banana, a little clove, citrus flavor, wheat, yeast, etc. It's very good. I hope this is an indicator of the other Clipper City beers that came in the BOM box.

HotShotz and Scotty's Update

Well, hat tip to Generik , it looks like I was wrong about HotShotz. They're not done - they're just done at their old location. I drove by the old Bennigan's site at 1-69 and 96th (very close to Fry's), and sure enough there was a now hiring sign out front, HotShotz logo'ed notes on the door and workers inside. Not sure what an open date will be, but it looks like they're trying to make a go of it in a new location. They'll need to wrap some serious PR around that location. The good thing is that there are a few hotels right in the area that will feed them some business and if they do some lunch specials there are quite a few businesses that can help drive their daytime revenue.

Also, I was at Scotty's this weekend and my memory wasn't quite correct (see previous post). No Rogue beers on tap (hopeful thinking on my part). They did have Magic Hat #9 (mmm...good stuff), Three Floyds Alpha King (tap was dry, and had been for a few days....that means they're selling more than anticipated, hopefully. That also means they'll be willing to try more unique beers that you can't find elsewhere). They had a few other new ones, including Abita Turbodog and Shiner Bock. Good food and an increasingly good selection of craft beer? Count me in!

September 11, 2008

Is it offically over for HotShotz?

Well, it looks like it might be over for HotShotz. Earlier this week I was hopeful - there as a box truck on site and it looked like work was being done. Well, I think work is being done, but not by the owners. Coming home from work the sign was no longer up and my wife reported that there were crews inside cleaning out the inside.

Can anyone provide additional details?

Also, on a different note - while at Scotty's Brewhouse last week the server told us they were going to be getting quite a few new beers on tap. If I remember correctly they're adding some Rouge beers, some Three Floyd's and a few others that I can't think of right now. I'm looking forward to the expanded selection (especially considering the fact that I've lost hope for HotShotz).

Went to Brugge last night and it was surprisingly easy to get a table. Enjoyed a sample of the Brown (good, but potent - 11+%), had a pint of the German beer (for some reason the name escapes's been a long week, I must be tired), and a pint of the Triple (always a favorite of mine).

One last note - drove past the Granite City build site at 96th and Meridian this evening. Looks like they're making good progress (frame is up and wrapped), and they've added a banner out front letting folks know they're coming soon.