September 11, 2008

Is it offically over for HotShotz?

Well, it looks like it might be over for HotShotz. Earlier this week I was hopeful - there as a box truck on site and it looked like work was being done. Well, I think work is being done, but not by the owners. Coming home from work the sign was no longer up and my wife reported that there were crews inside cleaning out the inside.

Can anyone provide additional details?

Also, on a different note - while at Scotty's Brewhouse last week the server told us they were going to be getting quite a few new beers on tap. If I remember correctly they're adding some Rouge beers, some Three Floyd's and a few others that I can't think of right now. I'm looking forward to the expanded selection (especially considering the fact that I've lost hope for HotShotz).

Went to Brugge last night and it was surprisingly easy to get a table. Enjoyed a sample of the Brown (good, but potent - 11+%), had a pint of the German beer (for some reason the name escapes's been a long week, I must be tired), and a pint of the Triple (always a favorite of mine).

One last note - drove past the Granite City build site at 96th and Meridian this evening. Looks like they're making good progress (frame is up and wrapped), and they've added a banner out front letting folks know they're coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Rumor in the industry for weeks has been that there was no insurance. Hans was picked up for the Pikk's Tavern bar several weeks ago. Hotshotz is done -- thought everyone knew this.

Generik420 said...

A buddy of mine that lives in Fisher's tells me that Hotshotz is moving and is taking over the Bennigan's location at 96th and I69. In fact he sent me an email last week saying that a sign is up at that location that says 'Hotshotz opening soon' or something to that effect. So with any luck the anonymous poster above is only correct about the whereabouts of Hans.

Jim said...

The "Brown" over at Brugge is actually a Belgian Dark Strong, inspired by Rochefort 8. It is the beer that Ted is entering in the GABF Pro-Am this year. This beer is getting better with age, that's for sure!

The Helles is the "Pilsner like" beer on tap...and it is a great session beer.

Fred said...

Generik - thanks for the tip - you're right about HotShotz. I drove by the other day and they've got a now hiring sign up and they were doing some work on the interior. Should be interesting to see how it works out.

Jim - thanks for the info to fill in for my memory....both beers were quite enjoyable (as always at Brugge).