November 4, 2008

Random Notes

Before Sunday's Colt's game, a good friend (and the guy I get season tix with) and I tailgated. We took the opportunity to drink some fresh hop beers and one stood about above the rest - Three Floyd's Broodoo. Man that was a great beer! More to come on that, and the other beers we sampled.

Also, I ran to Kahn's (or is Big City Liquors - the store on 52nd and Keystone) on Friday to pick up some wine that I couldn't find most other places and while I was there I decided to check out their beer selection. Despite a pledge not to purchase any more beer until we're in our new home (our coat closet is full of boxes, full of beer, that I need/want to drink), I decided to buy some fresh hop beer. As I was wandering the aisle, Andy (I think that was his name), the beer manager and I struck up a conversation. What a great experience - he gave me a lot of very good guidance, we talked quite a bit about the beers we like and he even cracked open a Founder's for a sample. I would say their prices are average, but the helpful attitude, selection and overall experience were tremendous! One thing I didn't realize - to buy a sixer of Bud, or other macro (in bottles) is about $6 now! That's amazing - makes me feel a little better about spending $8-$11 for a sixer of craft beer (a little, but not a lot).

Haven't had a chance to go back to Pikk's recently, but I'd be interested to hear anyone's experience with it. A bunch of buddies and I went to Scotty's Brewhouse the same night they were having their Octobrew fest - it was interesting - a big tent in the parking lot, with a $5 entry fee. We didn't choose to go to the tent party (why pay $5 to get basically the same beer as they had inside the resturant)? It didn't appear to be a rousing success for them - I'd be intersted to see if they hold it again next year. If so, I think they need to tweak their approach.

One last note - the folks from Newcastle's PR agency were kind enough to send a sixer of Newcastle (thanks!), and some promo notes about their holiday MAN-ual. The MAN-ual pages I got were interesting. One was a recipie for a beer-nog shooter - Newcastle and egg nog in a shot glass (a kind of black and tan idea - Newcastle on the bottom, egg nog on the top). Can't say that I'll be trying that one out, but I will enjoy the beer - Newcastle is one of my defaults at restruants that don't have much of a craft beer selection. Evidently the recipies from the MAN-ual come from TV personality "Sam the cooking guy". Interesting idea with average execution - if they keep this tradition going and build on it, I think they might have a winner (think of the point of sale displays they could have - a LOT of potential there).

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scottysbrewhouse said...

I like the blog! Keep up the good work. No, it was not much of a success - the bands were too expensive (hence the cover) and not worth it. We may do it again next year; but, you are correct - it needs tweaked! Thanks - Scotty (owner Scotty's Brewhouse)